Workforce Management


End team inefficiencies with Managed IT

With Managed IT AI-powered workforce management, forecasting, scheduling agents, and tracking performance are a breeze.


Organized employees are good
for business

Improve productivity

Performance reporting and real-time activity tracking show how agents spend their time, so you can lead a more efficient team.

Manage costs

AI-powered forecasting shows you exactly how many agents you’ll need, which reduces overtime and scheduling gaps.

Protect your time

With auto schedule, personalize each team member’s shift, saving time for both managers and agents.

Empower agents

Agents can view every task in advance, and they get in-depth insights into their work. Clarity cements team loyalty.


The simplest way to manage your staff

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Managed IT analyzes your historical data to predict staffing needs in a given day, month, or season. Cut down on overtime costs and lower wait times.

Create schedules down to the minute—including training, breaks, and ticket types. Agents get full visibility too, so everyone’s on the same page.

View what agents are working on, and get custom reports when the shift is over. You can see how they spend their time in and out of Zendesk, and how well they adhere to schedules.

Metrics show both problem areas and big wins across teams, ticket types, and individuals. The data can quickly inform how you deploy which agents, and where.

Give agents the gift of clarity. Everyone can view their schedule, so there are no surprises when clocking in. Plus, they’ll know exactly when they’re overachieving or need help.

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